Skiing in Cyprus

Cyprus is a wonderful island of contrasts. Where else could you ski in the morning and then be sunning yourself by the pool or on the beach in the afternoon? The snows on Mount Olympus are a fabulous way of spending a winter morning in the Ski Cyprus arena.

The sport of skiing first appeared on Cyprus sometime around 1934, when a group of people created the first "Mountaineering Club" of the island. Unfortunately though, the ensuing World War II meant that the development of skiing was delayed for several years.

Today many hundreds of Cypriots and perhaps as many foreigners enjoy the wonderful sport of skiing every winter on the beautiful slopes of Mt Olympus. Skiing, with its 60 year plus history on this island, is here not only to stay, but to continue its growth.

The Slopes

Troodos resort counts 4 ski lifts with Zeus lift reaching the highest point of the island, culminating at 1951 meters (6400 feet). Two lifts are for beginners, one is for intermediate skiers and one for advanced.


There are two hotels in the Troodos Square area, both of which are about 2Km away from the ski resort. In addition, there are many more hotels in the surrounding villages. Most of these hotels are concentrated in the village of Platres, on the road from Limassol to Troodos, or in the village of Kakopetria, on the road from Nicosia to Troodos. Both villages are about 20 minutes away from the ski resort in good driving conditions.

Gear Rental

At both the North Face (Zeus lift) and especially the Sun Valley area of the resort, there is ski equipment rental via the Cyprus Ski Cub "ski shop". But it pays to get there early as the rental equipment ranges from excellent high quality latest models to mediocre relics of 20+ years ago, and on busy weekends they all go pretty fast!

Ski Cyprus winter portal provides detailed information and online booking facilities to the Troodos ski resort, in addition to live webcams.