Dubai Ski Dome

The Government and private sector partnership in Dubai has stepped forward to bring Arctic winter experience and winter sports to Dubailand (said to cost AED 18 billion) in a unique project that is estimated to cost more than AED 1 billion. A huge 'ski dome' shall rise from the skyline of Dubai's mega tourism development project. The project will be called 'Dubai Sunny Mountain Ski dome' and will be the first of its kind in the Middle East. It will provide a real and complete winter experience that touches all senses, providing a wide range of activities for people of all ages.

Progress: On Sunday morning of February 12, 2006, groundwork started for the snow dome. The project completion date is not known yet. Boreholes of close to two hundred meters deep are made to the use of geothermic energy and to allow support of the enormous load of the biggest free standing dome in the world.

A Unique Experience: The project consists of a dome - a steel structure - that will include a huge revolving ski slope, going through and around an artificial mountain range - created to emphasize the "Arctic Experience" effect. Two huge real-ice columns will mark the entrance to the dome. Within the dome, there will be all kind of Arctic experiences, ranging from Penguinarium, winter aquaria, snow castle, ice-rink, Arctic animals statues, 4-season aquaria, snowfall, sound and light effects, cold and warm bath spa and other facilities, an ice-bridge, a cable-lift, snow maze, ice-slide, polar bears, are some of the features that will be integrated into the development and attractions. It will also have a deluxe hotel, a shopping mall, restaurants, coffee shops and other retail outlets.