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Dubai is at the crossroads of change. It has developed phenomenally in the last decade into a very energetic metropolis, but has also preserved its roots with care. Ancient Arabian architecture holds the key to a lifestyle attuned to nature. There are pockets of Dubai that are untouched by the vagaries of time and the whims of modernization, places that time overlooked. 

The tour starts with a photo-session at Burj Al Arab, then proceeds to the heritage sites, beginning with the Jumeirah Mosque, a fine example of Islamic architecture, then on to the Bastakia district of wind-towered houses built for the merchants of the ancient days, plus a visit to the Dubai Museum. 

Wind towers were to the ancient buildings what air-cooling systems are to modern ones. Abra, the local water taxi, as it is commonly called, will take you across the creek down to the gold and spice souks. Each of the souks houses rows of shops with displays that lead you by the nose and eyes. The woody fragrance of Arabic incense and Asian spices take you on the spice trail, while dazzling jewelry in the gold souk tell you why the city of Dubai is called “City of Gold“. Take your time to savor the sights and the aroma.

Included in the price:

  • Pick-up and return in air conditioned vehicle
  • English speaking driver guide 

Availability Daily except Friday
Duration 4 hours from 3 pm till 7 pm
Transfers Pick up and return in air conditioned vehicles. A hotel reservation is needed in order to secure the transfer

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