Hot Air Ballooning over Dubai

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So close, yet so far from the glitz and the glamour of the city of Dubai.  Enjoy a magic carpet ride over an endless ocean of sand dunes, emerald green oases, oryx, gazelles and wandering camels.  Witness a breathtaking sunrise with the backdrop of the majestic Hajjar Mountains and be welcomed by the warmth of the desert people we chance to meet on landing. All this is only a 30-minute drive from Burj Khalifa! A promise of a great adventure!

Rising early for a sunrise flight is a minor inconvenience when compared to the breathtaking views and incredible desert landscape. You won't regret getting up early. It is also the best time for flying as the cool and serene ambiance adds to the experience.

Availability From October till May
Duration About 5 hours and a half from 4AM till 9h30AM
Transfers Pick-up and drop-off in air-conditioned vehicles. A hotel reservation is needed to arrange the pick-up otherwise the meeting point will be at the Festival City near IKEA.

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